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Where and how to find staff – Jobcentre Plus and government schemes

Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus brings together benefits help and jobseeking services previously delivered separately through Jobcentres and Social Security offices. By 2006 these will all be available in integrated premises.

The Jobcentre Plus service for employers operates in the same way as employment agencies but is provided at no direct cost to employers. With access to a large pool of job-ready candidates Jobcentre Plus can help employers find the right person quickly. Sometimes you can arrange for a work trial before taking someone on.

You can call Employer Direct on Tel 0845 601 2001 to advertise your job and you will be helped with your recruitment by a Vacancy Service Manager or an Account manager. They can offer help on the local labour market and the best way to fill your vacancy. You can also email your job vacancy to Jobcentre Plus , or fax it to Tel 0845 601 2004.

Jobs will be posted on the Jobcentre Plus website within two hours of being received. This site receives around one million visits a week. Your vacancy will also be shown on the touchscreen Jobpoints, used by over one and a half million customers looking for work each week

Jobcentre Plus offices may also offer extra services, for example:

  • use of interview rooms
  • help with sifting applications
  • job fairs

Government support for employers

There are a number of ways in which Jobcentre Plus can provide advice and financial support for employers and employees, including information and advice on good employment policies and practice in recruitment, retention, training and career development of disabled people as well as help with redundancies. See the employer pages on the Jobcentre Plus website

You can also search Business Link’s Business Support Directory of grants, subsidies and advice .

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