Recruiting & Interviewing

Where and how to find staff

To find staff you can advertise in national, regional, local or trade press or one of the many UK Internet job sites, or use an employment agency or Jobcentre Plus to recruit for you.
Advertising your vacancy

Think who you want to read the advertisement, how long you want it to run, how fast you want a response and how much you want to pay.

  • Newspapers and magazines reach specific audiences for example within a sector or locality.
  • Internet sites reach a wide audience and provide a quick response. Many sites also have a database of candidates that you can search.

Check the costs. Internet sites can be cheaper than advertising in a newspaper and time the advertisement carefully eg avoid holiday periods. Remember to plan how you will deal with responses.

A good job advertisement:

  • is concise but gives enough information so candidates can decide whether to apply – for example give the location and pay range
  • clearly states skills and experience needed based on your person specification and job description
  • should be attractively designed
  • should be written in a non-discriminatory manner
  • explains how the applicants should respond to the advertisement, eg by sending a CV, asking for an application form, telephoning, using email or writing

Employment agencies

Employment agencies have databases of potential candidates and can advertise on your behalf – see the page in this guide on where and how to find staff – employment agencies.

Jobcentre Plus and government schemes

Jobcentre Plus operates in the same way as employment agencies but its services are provided at no direct cost to employers. Jobcentre Plus also manages government schemes providing advice and may be able to provide financial support for employers taking on staff. See our page in this guide on where and how to find staff – Jobcentre Plus and government schemes.

Other sources

These include:

  • colleges and schools
  • internal noticeboards
  • word of mouth
  • headhunters and recruitment consultants
  • local advertising, eg newsagents or outside your own premises
  • local radio
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