Recruiting and employing disabled staff

Advice on disability and funding for employers

The Department for Work and Pensions’ Jobcentre Plus provides information and advice to employers to support them in adopting good employment policies and practices in the recruitment, retention, training and career development of disabled people.

Jobcentre Plus operates a scheme called Access to Work. This is designed to help overcome the problems associated with disability and pays a grant towards extra costs that result from employing a disabled individual.

The grant is up to 100 per cent of the approved costs for someone who is starting a job with you. For existing employees, the grant provides 80 per cent of the approved costs over the first £300. You can read about the Access to Work scheme on the DirectGov website.

Talk to a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre Plus for further advice on employing disabled people.

You can also talk to a DEA about the Work Choice scheme (Replacing both the former Job Introduction Scheme, WORKSTEP and Work Preparation schemes), which ensures that employers get the support that they need in order to employ moredisabled people.

The Work Choice programme is delivered by providers who are funded by the Government. There are three "modules" in work choice which cover:

  1. Work Entry Support
    Six months of help with personal skills and work-related advice to get disabled people into supported or unsupported work.

  2. In-Work Support
    Two years of help to help disabled people start and stay in work.

  3. Longer-term In-Work Support
    Help for disabled people to progress in jobs and where appropriate, help them to move into unsupported work.

You can search for your local JobCentre Plus office on the DWP website.

Business Advice – Recruiting & Employing Disabled Staff
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