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Achieving best practice in your business is a key theme within the DTI’s approach to business support, providing ideas and insights into how to improve performance across your business. By showing what works in other businesses, they can help you see which approaches can help you, and then support you in implementation.

Achieving best practice in your business

To access free information and publications on best practice:

Support to implement best business practice

To get help bringing best practice to your business, contact Business Link – the national business advice service. Backed by the DTI, Business Link is an easy-to-use business support and information service, which can put you in touch with one of its network of experienced business advisers.

other useful sites

British Standards Online is the most authoritative and current site for all BSI publications.

The Business Link site has information on quality standards in the Improve your business section.

The British Quality Foundation (BQF) is a
not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes business excellence.

The American Society for Quality runs a web forum on the 6 Sigma methodology.

Examples of products and companies included in this document do not in any way imply endorsement or recommendation by DTI. Bear in mind that prices quoted are indicative at the time it was published.


You can also get a range of general business advice from the following organisations:




Northern Ireland

  • Call Invest Northern Ireland on 028 9023 9090
  • Visit the website at www.investni.com
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