Print is Alive… and Up Close and Personal

Far from being outdated, print allows you to engage your customers more personally and get your message across

Print is Alive… and Up Close and Personal

With so much written on the wonders of the internet and the value of digital marketing, it would be easy for many businesses to think that print is dead.

Far from it. No matter how good your website is, there are still plenty of people who prefer to have something tangible, in their hand, when gathering information or making decisions.

It’s not just the over 50s either, as many younger people still like to get their information in other ways than on a laptop, tablet or mobile.

It’s partly because printed materials are still an excellent way to get “up close and personal” with your target audiences.

Something landing on your doormat, handed to you or freely available in reception areas does not rely on you going hunting for information on the internet or spotting it when trawling through your email inbox.

For some people, sitting with a brew “browsing” a catalogue or brochure is far more satisfying than scanning up and down with a mouse or cursor.

Modern Printing

And with modern print technology – coupled ironically with online communications – it has never been easier or quicker to turn round a printed item from conception to delivery.

If have an important announcement or a new product or service to promote, you can of course post information on your website. You would then need people to log on to see it. Also, you could communicate via an email to your database, drawing attention to the website.

This still relies on your target audience taking action and seeking the information.
However, you could put the same information in a letter, flyer or leaflet. Then, you could contact a printer online and submit an order and have it printed up and delivered to you within two working days!

This could be sent to your target audience within hours, meaning they have the information in front of them, individually and personally.

Experienced printers with the correct machinery can achieve this speed and efficiency without compromising on quality. Plus, modern digital presses can do even short runs cost effectively.

Also, this information could go further than just to your database of contacts. The same printed item could be left in libraries, information centres, community centres and other areas of high footfall.

Print is Tactile

So you are not relying on people logging on. You are getting the information into people’s hands, and can cover a wider range of potential customers or clients this way.

But there is one other key benefit to using printed materials as well as websites; possibly the most significant in terms of communicating directly with your audiences…

Modern high calibre printers can also personalise marketing materials very easily.

You can’t get your website to say “Dear Jane…” but you can print letters and flyers with personal messages to each and every customer or client if you wish.

So if you hear rumours that print is dead think again. Thanks to modern machinery and high calibre services, new life has been breathed into print, and it could well be the best way for you to get your message across.

was formed in 1991 and their policy of constant investment in technological advances and environmental issues has propelled the company to the leading edge of this very competitive industry.

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