“Poorly Thought-Out Strategies” As Employers Favour Physical Wellbeing Over Mental

UK employers are less likely than their Middle Eastern and African counterparts to have a defined employee health strategy

“Poorly Thought-Out Strategies” As Employers Favour Physical Wellbeing Over Mental

UK business owners are placing a greater emphasis on the physical health of their employees than their mental health, according to a report by Aon.

Their EMEA Health Survey revealed that 57% of employers provide physical well-being programmes to their staff while just 41% of employees have an emotional or psychological programme in place – despite the fact that some 55% of business owners provide staff with some form of social initiative.

When it comes to mental health awareness, UK bosses are also lagging behind in contrast to their European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) counterparts as 40% of EMEA enterprises surveyed had a defined employee health strategy, compared to just 30% of British businesses.

Despite a lack of action on the part of UK business owners, 63% of employers did acknowledge their top issue as being managing stress and mental health issues and 51% actually said physical health was their second-highest health and well-being priority.

Matthew Lawrence, chief broking officer of the health and benefits UK and EMEA arm at Aon Employee Benefits, said:

‘Our survey shows that 93% of UK employers agree that they are responsible for influencing employee health and changing behaviours; an increase of over 15% on the 2015 figure.

“Unfortunately, poorly-thought-out strategies waste expenditure if they aren’t underpinned by data. Using data and analytics is imperative as this informs the employer about the overall health of their employee population.”

Worried about your employees’ mental health? Here’s how you can help.

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