Offline Businesses Could Generate £8.4bn A Year If They Go Digital

One in five UK small firms don’t have any form of online platform where people can buy their goods or services

Offline Businesses Could Generate £8.4bn A Year If They Go Digital

UK small businesses that don’t have an online presence could generate £8.4bn a year for the UK economy if they went digital, according to a new report by eBay.

The survey of 501 small enterprise owners revealed that 23% of all small firms have no means of selling their product or services online – despite the fact they could potentially receive increased revenue of around £20,000 if they did.

It’s suggested more support is needed to help smaller enterprises embrace the opportunity that ecommerce presents.

According to YouGov, 23% of small firms surveyed had no website, 40% no social media accounts and 72% had no online marketplace.

Despite the obvious benefits of selling to customers all over the world, 57% of businesses without a website said they had no plans to change this in 2017, citing a lack of time and expertise as well as security concerns as barriers.

Matt Hancock, minister of state for digital and culture, said:

“Digital knowhow can help firms save money, increase profits and improve productivity, yet too many firms still do not use websites, trading platforms or social media channels.”

Murray Lambell, senior director of UK trading at eBay, said:

“Our sellers tell us that there are clear benefits to going online, with access to our marketplace enabling a British small business to export to markets as far afield as Australia or Canada with ease.

“If we can help the final fifth of small businesses without digital infrastructure close that gap, our research shows that the UK will see clear benefits in terms of jobs and growth – and small businesses themselves will see an average growth of £20,000 in revenue.”

Thinking of selling online? Theses are the rules you must adhere to. 

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