Negative Online Content Becoming Major Concern for UK Businesses

Over three quarters of business owners surveyed cite negative online content as number one worry

Three quarters of businesses cited negative online comments as their number one business worry in a survey commissioned by Igniyte.

Having interviewed 500 business owners and senior managers, the survey highlighted an average loss per business of £46,815 as a result of damaging online content.

One in five business leaders also noted dissatisfaction with their portrayal via Google.

Although businesses believe that online presence is essential and 88% of the respondents stated that the company’s online profile is important to their customers, the survey demonstrated business owners lack confidence in their ability to manage their online presence – with two thirds of respondents stating they are not capable to do so.

A main cause for concern stated by businesses was online content posted by competitors, followed by malicious comments from former employees. In addition, although businesses commented that time spent online was primarily taken up with dealing with damaging content – neglecting other important areas such as gaining sales and followers or raising brand awareness – 45% of respondents were still failing to remove damaging posts.

Reputation management company Igniyte’s director, Simon Wadsworth, commented on the findings:

“Companies are realising that online reputation is an important asset worth protecting, but dealing with negative content is still a tricky issue.

“Negative media coverage is an issue for a relatively large percentage of UK businesses, the survey suggests that one in ten have been affected by social media posts.”

For more information on managing your online business presence, check out our piece on making your business’ social network work for you.

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