More Sophisticated Ransomware is an Immediate Threat For Small Businesses

Cisco report claims that constraining hackers’ operational space is the biggest challenge for enterprises wanting to defend themselves

More Sophisticated Ransomware is an Immediate Threat For Small Businesses

Increasingly sophisticated ransomware is helping hackers to achieve “skyrocketing” profits as smaller businesses remain unprepared for such cyber attacks, according to a report by Cisco.

The Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report revealed that scammers are increasingly operating undetected by broadening their focus from client-side to server-side exploits, while a new trend in exploiting server vulnerabilities is also evident.

As well as expanding their focus, cyber scammers are also evolving their attack methods with Windows Binary exploits, which allows criminals to infiltrate a business’ network, becoming the top web attack of the past few months.

Restricting this ‘operational space’ of the criminals is seen as the biggest challenge for small businesses looking to defend themselves from cyber attacks, particularly given that small businesses typically have limited resources and aging infrastructure.

In order to combat security attacks, Cisco has advised small business owners to improve their ‘network hygiene’ by deploying updates on time, integrating their defenses by leveraging an architectural approach to security, and to routinely back up critical data.

Marty Roesch, vice president and chief architect of Cisco’s security business group, said:

“As organisations capitalise on new business models presented by digital transformation, security is the critical foundation. Attackers are going undetected and expanding their time to operate.

“To close the attackers’ windows of opportunity, customers will require more visibility into their networks and must improve activities, like patching and retiring aging infrastructure lacking in advanced security capabilities.”

Are you worried about cyber attacks impacting your business? Read this guide in order to defend your small business.

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