Mobile Sales Now Key to Growth for 62% of UK’s Small Businesses

The UK’s e-commerce sector generated £573bn in sales last year despite connectivity concerns among certain business owners

Mobile Sales Now Key to Growth for 62% of UK’s Small Businesses

62% of UK small businesses expect their mobile sales to increase this year, according to a report by YouGov and eBay UK.

The survey of 400 businesses found that 32% of respondents believe mobile will be ‘vital’ to their growth in 2016 with 21% of businesses expecting to see their mobile sales increase by up to 30%.

Despite plans to grow their mobile presence, 38% of business owners still feel a lack of availability to good broadband speeds and connectivity issues is holding them back with 63% ‘dissatisfied’ with the state of UK broadband.

56% of the UK’s business owners have said government should to improve wired and wireless internet access to help smaller firms and 48% said they believe public WIFI should be improved to help flexible working.

Last year, the UK’s e-commerce sector generated £573bn in sales and it was recently reported that having a mobile friendly website is helping UK businesses to attract foreign consumers.

Andy Towers, head of mobile at eBay UK, said:

“Businesses are now fully realising the benefits of the mobile revolution. Mobile optimised sites and apps are […] helping customers to access technology that was once preserve of just the big retailers, and they are reaping the benefits.”

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