Microsoft Certified Partners keep your technology working for you

MicroSoft Certified PartnerWhy does it always seem that you’re out of the office just when a customer sends an email that needs an immediate response?

Make sure you’re always there when your customers need you – find IT solutions that let you stay in touch and in control even when you’re out of the office. Microsoft Certified and Gold Certified Partners have successfully provided flexible working set-ups for thousands of businesses like yours, allowing employees the freedom to work, no matter where they are. And you can trust they know what they’re doing, because they have the training, qualifications and references to prove it.

How can a Microsoft Certified Partner help your business?

Microsoft wants to make sure you receive the best technology advice and the right solutions for your business. That’s why we have over two thousand partnerships across the UK with independent IT companies who offer some of the best experience, skills and expertise with Microsoft technologies available. With comprehensive IT expertise and all-round support services, our Microsoft Certified Partners can:

  • Supply flexible working options
  • Help you buy and implement software
  • Develop an IT plan that takes care of your current needs and anticipates future needs
  • Provide security and data back-up
  • Provide training on Microsoft products and technologies
  • Install and maintain networking solutions
  • Implement business solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Microsoft Certified Partners bring you an expertise gained through managing many similar projects. Their relationship with Microsoft means you can be sure they’re in touch with the latest technology – and can make it work for your business.

What does being a Certified Partner mean?

Our Certified Partners have achieved their Certified status – or the top tier Gold Certified status – by passing the toughest certification requirements, constantly updating their product knowledge through training and qualifications, and earning the most favourable customer endorsements.

Microsoft Certified Partners:

  • Employ Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) who have passed Microsoft exams, or produced at least one packaged software or hardware solution that’s been approved by Microsoft

  • May also have a ‘Competency’, which represents outstanding skill in an area such as security, business intelligence or e-commerce. Partners can earn a Competency through customer references and specialist technical certifications – so if you need support for a particular business area, look for companies with the relevant Competency.

Every Microsoft Certified Partner carries a Certified or Gold Certified logo. This formally recognises their experience, guaranteeing that Microsoft continually vets their capacity to meet your specific needs.

Find your perfect IT provider

MicroSoft Gold Certified PartnerIf you need help with any aspect of your IT, we recommend Microsoft Certified and Gold Certified Partners. They’ll help keep your systems secure, assist you in planning for expansion – and make sure you stay connected to your customers when you’re out of the office.

For more information visit the official Microsoft Certified Partner page.

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