Maternity Leave and Statutory Maternity Pay

Maternity Leave – Changes

Further information

Both employers and employees can use the DTI website and its interactive guidance site – TIGER to work out entitlements to paternity and maternity leave and pay.

Employers can get more information on SMP from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). For additional help, employers may phone the employers’ helpline on 08457 14 31 43.

Further advice on employment law matters, including the new rights, as well as good practice guidance is available from offices of Acas.

Small businesses can register at BusinessLink to receive reminders and updates about changes to employment law. Information is also available on a wide range of help for small businesses.

Information on all aspects of employment legislation can usually be provided by accountants, citizens advice bureaux, employer organisations, legal advisers, low pay units, trade unions and a number of private sector and voluntary bodies.

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