Making Technology Work

Managing Information

Information is the life-blood of business – from traditional paper based documents like financial records to photographs and video tapes.

All this different data can be stored electronically, then managed, handled, accessed and shared with a speed and flexibility undreamed of by the traditional archivist.

Efficient storage

Whether on disk or CD-ROM, electronic data can replace scores of filing cabinets.

All types of business information can be stored in all sorts of ways – product brochures, parts catalogues, annual reports or design concepts – for staff or customer alike.

The timber trade association, TRADA, developed a CD-ROM as an advice source tailored to the needs of their members. There’s access to CAD software, a database of supplier information, video and animated images on structural design.

A similar computer network can let a company share common information. Different types of information, prepared by different people in different part of the business can be integrated into a single document. Staff have easy access to information at their computer, even photographic images and technical drawings.

With mobile communications, staff can access the same information when they are on the road.


Many documents in a company, like a spreadsheet or word-processed letter, begin life electronically making storage onto a CD-ROM, for example, easy and ideal.

Equally, a scanner can easily convert paper documents like incoming mail into an electronic image. Added to the CD-ROM, all your documents can then be easily indexed and searched.

Shared data

Information can be shared rapidly when transmitted through e-mail, either within a company or outside via the Internet.

Questions & Answers

Q. How can we get instant updates of changes in the Far East where we do a lot of business?
A. Many trade and business-specific information appears on the Web so it is becoming the ideal way to keep track of developments as and when they arise. For example, it is as easy to read one of the Hong Kong English language newspapers now published on the Web, as it is one of the UK quality newspapers.

Q. We need an ever-expanding number of reference and business directories but we are out of office space.
A. An enormous number of reference books are now available on CD-ROM. Even the full Encyclopaedia Britannica fits onto one CD-Rom. They are also a good deal easier to search through too. Many business and trade directories are now available on-line on the Internet as are many useful free business tools like automatic translators. availability.

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