Making Technology Work


The more smoothly a company operates the more profitable it is likely to be.

Are you looking to create a more flexible workforce, speed up trading processes, or keep firmer control of your stock? Technology can give you the opportunity to reduce expenses and create a leaner, more focused operation.

Working productively

A network lets you manage company information in new and exciting ways. It can be shared, accessed and updated on a continual basis -ideal for creating up-to-date contact lists and diaries. In fact, networks encourage new, more efficient ways of working, particularly team-working.

E-mail lets staff and customers communicate more effectively, whether they are sitting in the same office, town or even country.

Slashing overheads

A single CD-ROM can store huge amounts of data – 300,000 text pages – so keeping paper records like company accounts on CD-ROM can achieve dramatic savings in shelf or warehousing space. It also makes it faster to find the information later.

Video conferencing offers big cuts in travel costs and can be more productive than a real meeting with quicker decision-making – when faced with a video camera, people tend to be more focused. It lets companies bring in outside expertise, regardless of where you or they are located. Staff can be more adaptable – teleworking is already a practical advantage for certain businesses. In fact, better communications thorough e-mail and video conferencing can create a more level playing field for rural business.

The remote Scottish textile business used video conferencing to prove to an Italian importer that they could do £150,000 worth of business together.

Enhanced staff communication

Mobile date allows field engineers or sales reps to keep on operating effectively outside the office. Even time spent travelling here or abroad need not be wasted time. A laptop compute, linked to a digital mobile phone means you can access company records via e-mail.

Questions & Answers

Q. How can I improve my cashflow?
A. The high street banks offer electronic banking which allows you to keep track of your company finances, as well as make transactions on-line 24 hour a day. Unlike cheque, payments made electronically clear immediately. If you invest in EDI links with your trading partners you will find that invoices are generally paid earlier.

Q. How can we speed up the process of sending paperwork to and fro between us and our accountants?
A. You should both get on the Internet and use e-mail, letting you deliver documents faster, more cheaply and when convenient.

Q. How can I get help recruiting staff?
A. Many businesses are already using the Internet as a key vehicle to source and recruit the right staff. One advertisement on the Internet will allow prospective candidates from all around the world to apply for the post. Few publications offer the same potential, so cheaply.

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