Making Technology Work


Applying technology to training can make it more targeted, flexible and affordable.

Though an essential investment for any company, training is necessarily time consuming and expensive. But, using information and communication technologies can save you both time and money.

Saving on travel

It could cost a small fortune to send five staff for training, if you consider travel and hotel costs, and the time away from the office. Training through video and data conferencing will resolve most of the problems – and with desktop video conferencing, staff don’t even need to leave the office. Most of us absorb information effectively by studying a little at a time. Training through a series of hour long video conferences could be more productive that a tiring, non-stop two day course.

Tailored and accessible learning

Interactive CD-ROMs let training be steered to suit the individual need – and are often more stimulating than the said company manual option. Hundreds of tailor-made course on all kinds of technical and professional topics are now available.

By storing a training package on a company network, staff can train at their own and the company’s convenience.

A computer company created their own computer-based training, held on their company network and specific to their needs, rather than sending staff on training course. Creating the training package took a lot of staff hours – but it was still cheaper than buying outside training.

Questions & Answers

Q. I need to improve my staff’s customer service skills but the office is always too busy to leave for any length of time. What can help here?
A. Video conferencing training would be effective. The nature of the technology and the limited time of a video conferencing session encourages people to get straight down to business and work more efficiently. But it also lets you engage in a role-playing training with the trainer – essential if you want the training to improve your ability to communicate with customers.

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