Majority of Small Businesses Concerned About Negative Impact of Scottish Independence

54% of Scottish businesses want to remain part of the UK with 83% of English firms supporting a continued union

In the lead up to the referendum on Thursday, a new survey has revealed 68% of small firms believe Scottish independence will have a negative effect on business in Scotland, with 45% concerned about the overall consequences it will have throughout the rest of the UK.

The survey was conducted by Clear Books and featured 500 small and mid-sized businesses across Britain. 54% of Scottish respondents stated that they were against breaking away from Britain with 83% of English businesses also supporting a continued union.

However, although 76% of the English small and medium-sized firms felt Scottish independence would have a negative impact on small businesses in Scotland, only 48% of Scottish respondents also believed so.

Tim Fouracre, CEO of Clear Books, spoke about the impact Scottish independence could have on businesses, discussing a Scottish company his firms currently uses:

“Would it be so easy to buy from this small business in the future? Would the VAT be different? Would the currency be different? Would it just be easier to buy from a different office furniture supplier based in the UK?”

“Our research shows that collectively smaller businesses throughout the UK have concerns over the impact of Scottish independence. Only 14% of small businesses think independence will be a positive move for Scottish businesses and just 12% think it will be positive for the rest of the UK.”

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