Loved-Up Consumers To Spend £28m On Red Saturday Alone

Total spending for Valentine’s Day is set to exceed £700m, with 13% more people expected to buy something for someone special

Loved-Up Consumers To Spend £28m On Red Saturday Alone

Loved-up UK consumers will spend an extra £28m this Saturday 4 February as the annual Valentine’s Day rush begins.

According to figures from eHarmony, the period from ‘Red Saturday’ up until Valentine’s Day (Tuesday 14 February) will see over £700m spent on flowers, cards, chocolates and various gifts – with the average lover kissing goodbye to £22.58 on gifts.

Scots appear to be the most romantically inclined, with an average spend of £31, compared to Londoners (£26) and those in the North West (£23) – while the Welsh and those in the West spend just £17.

While it’s long been believed that money can’t buy you love, UK shoppers don’t seem to think so with 13% more people saying they’ll buy something for that special someone compared to last year.

Rachael Lloyd, spokesperson for, said:

“Red Saturday sees a huge boom in consumer spending as Brits prepare for Valentine’s Day. With an incredible £700m being invested in love across Britain, it’s evident we’re still a pretty romantic nation at heart.”

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