Local Enterprise Partnership Good Practice Guide

Key information provided in product descriptors

Key information that is provided in product descriptors of the help being made available includes:


A brief description of the market failure that is being addressed and why spending has been chosen to address the market failure as opposed to other possible interventions such as, for example, information campaigns, regulation/deregulation or taxation measures.

Details should be defined on how the product will provide a net economic benefit through:

  • Additionality or
  • Acceleration of activities which produce net economic benefits;
  • Delivering benefits beyond those for an individual business or group of businesses

Product Description

A description of the assistance to be provided to businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

A description of the eligibility criteria applied to potential recipients.


A description of how the product will be delivered to eligible businesses.

This description should include:

  • Delivery methods, e.g. online, face to face, phone etc
  • Any oversight or governance arrangements for the product.


A description of what style of SfB branding the product will follow. The product can be branded and presented visually in line with the overall SfB branding framework, or can adopt a light touch branding approach which would use the SfB logo only as an endorsement.

Cost Recovery

A description of what measures, if any, are in place to recover the full or partial cost of assistance provided to an individual business.


A description of monitoring data being collected, and how it will be collected.


A description of the evaluation framework for the product. This should be consistent with the BIS Evaluation Strategy (PDF) and Treasury guidance known as the Green Book.

This description should include how evaluations will answer the following questions:

  • Does the product remain appropriate, i.e. does the market failure it was designed to address remain and does the product continue to be the most appropriate way of addressing that market failure?
  • Is the product effective and does it continue to achieve its objectives?
  • Is the product efficient and does it continue to achieve its objectives at a lower cost than other possible government interventions?

Equality Act 2010

Confirmation that the product complies with the Equality Act 2010.

State Aid Clearance

Confirmation that the product complies with EU State Aid regulations.

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