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Businesses often rely on recruiting new staff to fill skills gaps within their organisation, but have you thought about the skills that are potentially hidden within your existing workforce?

Asking the right questions of your staff can uncover a wealth of talent that you can nurture and develop, that ultimately your business can benefit from.

60 per cent of employees revealed they have untapped potential their employers should be utilising

Employers are being urged by learndirect Business to seek out the “hidden skills” within their organisations, and utilise employees’ talents to benefit their business.

This call to action comes as six out of ten (60 per cent) employees polled in the learndirect Business Hidden Skills Survey¹ revealed they have untapped potential their employers should be utilising – equating to 13.4 million employees across the nation².

The benefits on offer by harnessing hidden skills are two-fold as they benefit both employers and employees.

If all their untapped skills were utilised at work, employees said they would feel more motivated (45 per cent); more empowered at work (32 per cent); and crucially would stay at their present company for a longer period of time (26 per cent). Tapping into hidden skills would also directly impact the business with 45 per cent of employees claiming it would increase efficiency, whilst over a third (37 per cent) of high level managerial employees (e.g. managing directors) believe increased productivity would be the main benefit.

Employees claimed the top five hidden skills gained through activities outside work include:

  1. IT skills (36 per cent) – knowing how to create a blog or build a website
  2. Writing skills (28 per cent) – good at crosswords or have written letters or articles to the local paper that have been published
  3. Numeracy skills (27 per cent) – good at Sudoku
  4. Creativity skills (26 per cent) – writing poems in their spare time or have an interest in photography
  5. Sales and marketing or e-commerce skills (23 per cent) – regularly buying and selling online, i.e. eBay or Amazon

By harnessing these hidden skills employers can transform not only their business but also utilise the full potential of their employees.

Effective training is the key to unlocking hidden skills and ensuring they are aligned with the day to day business objectives is extremely important. In this way, employees can build on the skills they’ve acquired outside work and use these to benefit the business.

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¹ The learndirect Business Hidden Skills Survey sampled 1,950 employees and was carried out by 72 Point in June 2008

² Based on 22.4 million adults in UK employment (source: TGI)

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