Just 42% of Employees Feel Encouraged to Drive Innovation in the Workplace 

UK businesses lagging behind France (63%) and Spain (57%) when it comes to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation

Just 42% of Employees Feel Encouraged to Drive Innovation in the Workplace 

Only 42% of UK workers feel they have a voice in driving change and innovation in the workplace, significantly less than workers in France (63%) and Spain (57%), according to new research from BMC Software.

The survey of 1,206 employees across Europe found that just 54% of UK employees feel inspired in their jobs, compared to 74% of workers in Spain, 73% in France and 66% in Germany.

It would appear that many businesses are failing to capitalise on the creativity of their staff, with 67% of the employees surveyed unable to offer ideas at work, and 57% of the view that management are not receptive to new ideas.

Just 56% of employees cited a formal process for submitting ideas to management.

A lack of collaboration in the workplace was cited as a key factor in innovation deficiency – 29% of workers described their workplace as “siloed and fragmented”.

On the flip side, 82% of the UK workers surveyed said that their place of employment is productive while 74% said their workplace was efficient.

Shafath Syed, senior director of end user solutions at BMC, commented: “To create a culture that capitalises upon the creativity and experience of staff, businesses across the UK should encourage and empower workers to share new ideas to drive innovation.

“This requires strong leadership, regular feedback and updates so that staff feel they are being heard.”

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