Job Satisfaction Soaring Amongst UK Freelancers

Two-thirds of freelancers don’t expect to go back to working as an employee with the majority citing ambition to “be their own boss” as the main reason for taking the leap

Job Satisfaction Soaring Amongst UK Freelancers

The majority of Britain’s freelancers say they are “very satisfied” with the way they work, according to a new report released by industry body IPSE in association with National Freelancers Day.

The research found that 65% of freelancers intend to continue being self-employed for the foreseeable future, compared to just 2% who plan to go back to work as a full-time employee within an organisation.

When asked why they turned to freelancing, 79% of self-employed workers said it was because they wanted to “be their own boss” and 69% believed it would provide a greater work/life balance.

IPSE chief executive, Chris Bryce, commented on the findings:

“It’s great to see so many people love working as a freelancer…National Freelancers Day celebrates freelancers’ vital role in the UK’s flexible labour market.

“Our results also dispel the myth that freelancers choose to work this way because they have no other choice or are forced into it. The vast majority of the UK’s 1.9 million independent professionals love what they do, and wouldn’t dream of becoming an employee in someone else’s business.”

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