IT Self Assessment

The Challenge

The bottom line of any small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) is to increase profits and increase competitiveness.

Over 80% of British companies consider that information and communication technologies have an important impact on business competitiveness.

Source: NOP Research Group

But when SMEs do invest in technology, many find it hard to realise business benefits. The challenge is to look beyond boxes of hardware or the latest gizmo and understand how to reshape the processes that run a business. Businesses who invest in the right computerised tools are using them to:

  • Automate
  • Innovate
  • Speed Up
  • Keep up

The Answer

This self-assessment will help you boost your competitiveness by highlighting the need for re-organisation to jump the key hurdles that SMEs can falter at. It will help you establish:

  • how information and communication technologies are relevant to your needs;
  • which technologies will have an impact on your business for the better;
  • what is affordable and easily implemented;
  • how well you currently use your technology resources compared to others.

How the Self-Assessment Works

The assessment works through nine common business activities and looks at how using information and communication technology can add value to your business.

Copyright: The content of IT Self Assesment has been based on information published by the Information Society Initiative and reproduced in accordance with Crown Copyright.

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