ISO 9001: Keeping Documentation In Order

You are very pleased that you have secured another order, arranged for your supplier to deliver the required equipment and you have scheduled the work, so that you can proceed to secure the next order.

To your horror the next thing you hear about this order is that that you missed a delivery date and your client has gone ballistic. On investigation you find nobody in your company is aware of what was needed or what to do and by then order has been cancelled.

Finally you find the schedule of work document at the bottom of your in tray rather than in the customer file so it was little wonder that nobody knew what to do.

It is therefore imperative that the risk of such failure is minimised and this can be achieved by ensuring that you have an order management process in place that dovetails into a quality management system such that:-

  • Orders are clearly recorded.
  • Personnel involved in satisfying the order are notified of the order and where the record is located.
  • Personnel involved in satisfying the order know what to do.
  • The process is reviewed on a regular basis and inconsistencies corrected.

Thus a low cost, high quality approach to sales is the answer – and this can be achieved through implementing a quality management system. To see how to do this, visit:

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