ISO 9001: Keeping Client Complaints to a Minimum

Your Client tells you for the third time of reporting that the service you are providing is not working and there is no sign of resolution. On investigation you find there are some vague recollections of the Client reporting various incidents but no record can be found of what they were, when they were reported and what had been done to resolve them. In effect Client support is a shambles.

It is therefore imperative that the risk of such failure is minimised by making sure your company has Client incident reporting and resolution totally under control. This can be achieved by ensuring that you have a Client Support process in place that dovetails into a quality management system such that:-

  • The Client Support process is clearly documented.
  • Personnel undertaking this process have a clear understanding of what is required.
  • Clear records are maintained of incidents and resolution.
  • The process is reviewed on a regular basis and inconsistencies corrected.

Thus a low cost, high quality approach to sales is the answer – and this can be achieved through implementing a quality management system. To see how to do this, visit:

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