ISO 9001: Instilling Client Confidence with Quality Management

How many times do we come across SMEs wringing their hands at the loss of another order and saying “That order should have been ours” because they believed they knew what the client wanted and could deliver it on time and support it at a competitive price? Despite this belief, somehow they failed to get their message through to the prospective client. For a business to be successful, the risk of such failure must be minimised.

To minimise this risk, demands that the Sales function:-

  • Ensures that the client has advance warning as to what your company can do for them.
  • Is sensitive to client needs so as to detect any changes as the client need takes shape.
  • Maintains a clear record of what the client requires and is readily able to track changes as they arise.
  • Produces a clear and concise proposal that meets client needs and conveys confidence in your company’s ability regarding delivery and support.
  • Establishes an effective channel of communication with the client to track proposal progress.
  • Carries out continuous improvement by way of detecting and overcoming failures in the sales process.

All this can be achieved by adopting a quality management approach to the sales process through ensuring that the Sales process:-

  • Is defined, understood and consistently applied by all those involved in sales.
  • Definition covers all pre and post sales activity.
  • Leads to the establishment of a suitable channel of communication with every client, to be used in a consistent manner with minimum negative impact on the client.
  • Is reviewed on a regular basis and inconsistencies corrected.

Thus a low cost, high quality approach to sales is the answer – and this can be achieved through implementing a quality management system. To see how to do this, visit:

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