ISO 9001: Ensuring Tasks are Discharged in a Consistent Manner

ISO 9001: Ensuring tasks are discharged in a consistent manner, over time and irrespective of who undertakes the tasks

Basically, in order to be able to enforce consistency, it is necessary to document, in broad terms, how each process in the organisation should be performed. The standard for quality management systems, ISO 9001:2008, only requires those processes to be defined that have direct bearing on outputs to customers. The standard lays down that the overall directory of process documentation has to be what it refers to as a ‘Quality Manual’. This can refer out to separate documents covering individual processes in broad terms and these, in turn, may, where necessary, refer to detailed ‘Work Instructions’.

Thus, anybody in an organisation that meets ISO 9001:2008, will be able to find management-approved guidance, in document form, on how a given process should be carried out. The standard also lays down that staff training is required and that ensures that personnel will be familiar with using the documentation in a situation where there is a change of duties.

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