ISO 9001: Ensuring Company Personnel Have Access to the Latest Documents

ISO 9001: Ensuring company personnel who are working away from the office to have access to the latest versions of documents necessary for their work.

You are running a highly distributed work force and you are increasingly becoming frustrated because personnel are spending more time in your office preparing to meet Client needs than being in the field satisfying their need.

It is therefore imperative that the field force have clear understanding what is required of them when satisfying a client need and are able to obtain this understanding remotely through a secure access on-line document store.

The understanding being secured through:-

  • Business processes being clearly documented.
  • Personnel undertaking these processes have a clear understanding of what is required.
  • Clear records are maintained.
  • The processes are reviewed on a regular basis and inconsistencies corrected.

Secure on-line access to document store can made available through your own on-line network or the SQMS network specifically built for this purpose.

Thus a low cost, high quality approach to field force management is the answer – and this can be achieved through implementing a quality management system. To see how to do this, visit:

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