ISO 9001: Ensuring a New Employee Quickly Becomes Effective

If your business has a manual describing how the business functions, you could ask him to read it. However, it would have to be extremely comprehensive and would be difficult to keep up-to date, due to the constantly evolving nature of almost every enterprise. Furthermore, creating such a document purely to solve this one problem could never be economically justifiable.

By contrast, setting up a quality management system would produce such documentation and, in addition, would:-

  • Ensure every employee and subcontractor knows what his job is;
  • Ensure every employee and subcontractor could look up how to do another’s job and what training he might need should the need arise;
  • Provide a mechanism to control training of personnel to prevent skill shortages and provide career paths, thereby enhancing motivation;
  • By having a hierarchy of documentation, cut document updating to a minimum;
  • Through having full record control, enable tracing of every transaction and operation;
  • Through quality auditing, enable re-working and other failures to be kept to a minimum;
  • Ensure supplier quality and other key performance indicators, such as customer satisfaction, are monitored;
  • Empower continuous improvement, thereby boosting profitability;
  • Enable your business to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification by an internationally recognised authority – a major sales advantage.

This is the sort of virtuous circle that gives massive competitive advantage.

Why not see what would be involved in setting up a quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 in your business? Visit to see the full range of options, from self-building using a computerised tool, through to use of full consultancy.

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