Introduction to GrowthAccelerator

GrowthAcceleratorGrowthAccelerator is a service provided by the country’s leading business growth specialists, which helps companies achieve their high growth aspirations.

The service was established in March 2012, and is a partnership between private enterprise and government, set up to unlock the potential of the thousands of businesses in the UK with the ambition and appetite to grow.

To date, over 4,000 businesses have signed up the service, and feedback shows that the expert coaching is having a significant positive impact.

GrowthAccelerator clients are reaping the benefits, including increased profits, newly energised and in some cases larger teams, a positivity and focus, and above all, a confidence that they have the plans in place to grow.

Growth Managers will match a company’s individual needs to expert coaches with real and relevant experience in business. They work together to deliver a bespoke package which may include business coaching*, connectivity, workshops and leadership training, all designed to help business owners and directors ensure their companies fulfil their growth potential.

GrowthAccelerator works with companies of all ages, across a wide range of sectors, and in locations throughout the country, delivered via expert partners including Grant Thornton, Pera, Winning Pitch and Oxford Innovation- all of whom have an established reputation for helping businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

If your business has fewer than 250 employees, and a turnover of less than £40 million, and you think you could benefit from expert led coaching, please visit GrowthAccelerator* and click ‘get started’ on the home page.

A Growth Manager in your area will then contact you to discuss your growth ambitions and find out more about your business.

If your business looks set to benefit from GrowthAccelerator support, then the next stage is to undergo a GrowthMapper exercise, where your specific requirements will be identified, which will then shape a detailed plan of action.

You will then be matched with an expert coach who will work closely with your business, offering support with everything from accessing finance to creating a new marketing strategy.

The coaching is completely tailored to your business- which means you’re able to address specific challenges and importantly, move one step closer towards achieving your growth ambitions.

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