Integrating Back Office And Online Systems Guide

The Benefits of Back Office Integration

The practical benefits include:

  • Greatly improved customer service – the back office and the web store can deal automatically with almost every order and customer query.
  • Much faster response time.
  • Enhanced capacity – greater automation allows you to deal with much larger volumes of business.
  • Reduced costs in the medium and long-term. Although set-up will be a one-off cost, integration will save time and money in the future.
  • Improved accuracy – with web store and back office accessing the same data the chances of errors are greatly reduced.
  • Staying competitive – efficient, timely service is vital: if your competitors run a more efficient, responsive service you could lose your customers to them.
  • Better use of staff time – if back office and online systems stay separate you are constantly wasting staff time and resources duplicating data from one system to the other and back again.
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