Improving Your New Business Efforts


Always be cautious of the assumption that you have a healthy pipeline.
Sales fortunes can transform rapidly so never limit your sales efforts through complacency.

Remember the following…


  • Think that your sector of business does not warrant a devoted sales focus
  • Assume your client base or prospect pipeline is healthy enough to ignore
  • Rely on referrals and responses to advertisements
  • Depend on the same sized companies or sectors for business


  • Recognise the importance of selling ability to any business
  • Grow your client base at every opportunity
  • Be proactive, take ownership of your new business acquisition
  • Approach new markets and secure bigger contracts

Try To C.L.O.S.E.

The C.L.O.S.E. acronym emphasises the fundamentals of improving your sales conduct.

C is for conviction. It is very easy to lose heart when faced with objection. A firm belief in the strength of your offering elicits confidence from your prospect.

L stands for listen. Never talk over your prospect without really listening to what they are saying. This will diminish their faith in a working relationship and stop you uncovering their sincere needs.

O is for opportunity. Great sales opportunities rarely fall into the laps of smaller businesses. Put yourself in front of the right people and be ready to take full advantage.

S relates to sound byte. Decision makers will demand the important details. Your spoken and written words need to be concise and purposeful.

E stands for elevator pitch. A 30-40 second breakdown of your offering and its broader significance is crucial for those ad hoc pitching opportunities.

Be Proactive

Take control by implementing some of the following techniques…

  • Assess the possibility of new business from existing clients
  • Identify your most receptive customers and offer them more for their money
  • Encourage referrals by offering markdowns to your most loyal clients
  • Introduce your business to new customers by purchasing relevant data and attending networking events
  • Avoid making resource cuts to your sales and marketing- these are the areas most crucial to market survival

Craig Fisher, The Sales Expert and managing director of The Consultancy Store Ltd offers advice to SMEs on all things sales.

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