Importing Cars

Know your Dealer

Also worth bearing in mind is the personal service you get from a dealer. You’ll feel much happier doing business with someone who’s helpful and whom you feel you can trust. Some dealers can be uncooperative when asked about ordering a RHD car. This is because the car manufacturers and importers discourage cross-border buying, for obvious reasons. It’s illegal for car makers to refuse to allow dealers to sell cars for personal imports, but nevertheless some dealers may make you feel unwelcome.

If this happens and you suspect it’s because they don’t want to sell you a RHD car, you have two choices – go elsewhere or threaten to write to the European Commission! If they still refuse, send your letter!

To complain about a dealer write to:

Ms Audrey MacCready
European commission
2000 Rue de la Loi,
B-1049 Brussels

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