Importing Cars

Initial Research

  • First decide on what make and model you require, including colours and any options. Check exact specification to ensure a like for like price comparison with cars abroad.
  • Check with the UK manufacturer or importer that the warranty of the car of your choice is valid. Contact local dealer agents to ensure they will process warranty claims and service a car bought in the EU.
  • Compare prices in the UK and different countries abroad – prices vary from one EU country to another. You can find comparative price guides in the European Commission’s survey of new car prices or on the car import web sites.
  • Once you’ve chosen the country where you want to buy – we suggest you chose one where English is widely spoken, e.g. Holland, Belgium, unless you have excellent language skills – contact UK manufacturers or importers for details of their head office and dealers in that country.

To obtain a copy of the EC’s survey of new car prices write to:

Administration Assistant
The European Commission
200 Rue de la Loi
B-1049 Brussels

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