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Health Sector

“Prospective employees see a development plan that will enable them to attain the competency values that their new job requires.”

Sonia Higgs, Advance

Welcome to those working in health sector organisations and who want to find out more about Investors in People.

Number of health sector organisations working with Investors in People (based on SIC* code 85) 8566

Health Sector

The health sector faces many challenges in areas such as skills shortages and resources for training, with statistics like 20% of dentists retiring in the next five years and no immediate replacements stepping in. Finding the time to send employees on training courses, providing the backfill and funding the training are all contributing to the increase in skills shortage. Attracting good people to fill vacancies is proving harder to do, for example newly qualified doctors are in the position of being able to choose which practices they join.

Investors in People can help manage these issues and build a culture of continuous improvement. By building better communication channels, individuals have a clearer understanding of their role within the organisation and how they contribute to that organisation. This leads to an increase in motivation and morale which in turn leads to greater staff retention.


John Williams of Greater Manchester Ambulance Service:

“Investors in People kick started all sorts of things for us. But its initial impact has been sustained and we’re still reaping the benefits of the culture we have created together.”

Elaine Halley, Principal Dental Surgeon:

“Every business in whatever sector should use Investors in People as a pathway to help them become more efficient more quickly.”

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