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Education Sector

“I thought it was an initiative too far but I am glad to say I couldn’t have been more wrong”

Russell Fancourt, Hanslope Combined School

Welcome to those working in education sector organisations and who want to find out more about Investors in People.

Number of education sector organisations working with Investors in People (SIC code 80) – 15,087 as at January 05.

Education Sector

The education sector faces many challenges in areas such as skills shortages and retaining employees, with, for example, 25% of school staff expected to retire by 2010 and 45% leaving in the next 15 years; 25% of employees are not currently trained in teaching skills; and 26% of establishments reporting vacancies. A large proportion of teachers leave jobs within the first 5 years and attracting good people to fill vacancies is proving harder to do.

Investors in People can help manage these issues and build a culture of continuous improvement. By building better communication channels, individuals have a clearer understanding of their role within the organisation and how they contribute to that organisation. This leads to an increase in motivation and morale which in turn leads to greater staff retention.


Russell Fancourt, Headmaster of Hanslope Combined School:

“Our school has always had a good feel to it and the Investors in People Assessor recognized that we were doing a good job. But achieving the Standard and succeeding with the revised Standard at first assessment has given us all greater confidence both as a team and as individuals> I thoroughly enjoyed the process and have recommended it to colleagues in other schools.”

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