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Construction Sector

“Investors in People has helped focus the business and given us a clear set of objectives”

Jenna Frudd, Director of Business Management, Frudd Construction Ltd.

Welcome to those working in construction sector companies and who want to find out more about Investors in People.

Number of Construction sector companies working with Investors in People (based on SIC* code 45) 2,824 as at January 05.

Construction Sector

The construction sector currently faces many challenges not least in overcoming considerable skills shortages and recruitment challenges. For the period 2000-2010 forecasts indicate a massive staff turnover throughout the sector. Ironically the biggest demand for construction services is in the South-East and yet this is where the largest skills shortages exist.

Investors in People can help manage these issues and build a culture of continuous improvement. By building better communication channels, individuals have a clearer understanding of their role within the organisation and how they contribute to that organisation. This leads to an increase in motivation and morale which in turn leads to greater staff retention.


Socit Plant Ltd, South Wales:

“The Investors in People Standard has helped us to break our goal down into ‘bite size’ pieces. Working with the Standard has given us a fantastic boost; now we all want to get out there and show them what we can do.”

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