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Competition, recruitment, tax, investment, profit and growth – these matters are uppermost in the mind of every successful employer. Trustworthy expert independent financial advice has a valuable role to play in many of these areas, saving hard–pressed directors’ and employers’ time and money while delivering financial security to employees through the provision of financial advice.

Financial advisers help businesses achieve or remain in their best possible shape in numerous ways, for example by making sure they stay on top of the ever–changing tax rules and obligations to provide access to pension plans and other employee benefits. Then there is the tricky territory of providing pensions for employees which is set for another shake–up in the next few years. Financial advisers ensure firms have the right protection to cope with all eventualities but, equally, are getting good value from their insurance plans. They can also help those in charge of human resources consider the latest tax–friendly incentive schemes which could attract, motivate and reward staff. And people, as every business knows, are its most valuable asset.

Independent financial advisers and employee benefit consultants work alongside businesses and make financial planning recommendations to both employers and employees to help achieve stated objectives.

With the huge array of financial products available and the many routes that can be taken to find financial advice, how can a company be absolutely confident that the course of action that is being recommended to provide employee benefits or financial planning advice for the company is entirely in the company’s own best interests?

Financial decisions are far reaching and can impact on a firm’s bottom line for years to come. So how does a firm go about ensuring the advice it is getting is utterly impartial, is exactly tailored to its individual needs and, crucially, is only being recommended after the adviser has searched the whole of the market?

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