How to Build Brand Loyalty

How to Build Brand Loyalty

Household names have built really strong brands, which keep their products flying off the shelves- if customers feel familiar with a product they will keep coming back. The most established brands have been around for years, sometimes centuries, but the digital age means that there are ways to fast-track this process and build a loyal customer base now. Here Yell’s web design team shows you how:


If customers feel like they know your brand and its values they are more likely to buy into it and to relate to you. Think about who already buys your product;

  • What are they into?
  • Do they have children?
  • How old are they?

You can cater your website specifically to these people. Think about the style of site they would like and the information they would find useful. For example if you sell baby products, a hub of information about being a young parent will help to keep them coming back to your site and in building loyalty to your brand.

Get to know your customers

Gathering information on who your customers are is a great way to tailor your brand message to match what they are looking for. Your website is probably the best way to start doing this as customers can input information which will then be sent to you. Of course, you will need to give them a reason to enter their e-mail address and whatever else you want to know. One of the simplest things you can do is invite them to subscribe to a mailing list. This way you can gather the information you need, as well as sending a weekly reminder about your brand to their inbox.


Using social media is a brilliant way to market yourself as you can see exactly who users are, what demographic they fall under and what makes them tick. Following someone on Twitter means they will get an alert to let them know that you have connected. This may prompt them to visit your site and find out about your brand, after looking at your feed.

Sparking Facebook discussions can get potential customers engaging with you. Brands who ask ‘which of our products do you like best?’ or ‘what will you wear this Friday night?’ may find that they receive more replies than those that just post news. Facebook is a great platform for spreading the word about a brand, as friends of users who share information will be able to see any brands they have interacted with, thus getting your message out there with relatively little leg work.

Make them feel special

Probably the best way to build brand loyalty is to give something back. If a customer has taken the time to follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook or sign up to your mailing list, you should make them feel like they are part of a special club. Exclusive samples, competitions or discounts will work wonders, but news of what happens behind the scenes at your company, or a chance to buy a new line before everyone else can be great alternatives. The more you give, the more you get back in return.

Brand Loyalty Case Study – Gü Puds

James Averdieck, founder and MD of Gü Puds, is a firm believer in the case for brand loyalty, in his case, making and keeping a promise – the promise of delivering indulgence.

Here’s James Averdieck sharing his tips on brand loyalty…

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