How to Attract the Best Talent to Your Start-up

Discover how to compete with the big corporations to win top employees who will help your business grow


Business is booming, your little start-up is growing into an empire and to move it forward you need to employ new talent. But how do you attract this talent to join your team in such a competitive market? What can you offer that sets your start-up apart from other businesses to ensure you get the best and brightest recruits?

The obvious answer might be a big salary, although this is something not necessarily achievable for smaller businesses. While the wages have to be fair, there are other and often more important elements that will make your company a desirable place to work.

A business that offers career progression

The best new talent will have their eyes on career progression, so demonstrating clearly that your business is going places and that there are appealing opportunities available for staff is key to winning staff. One of the big bonuses of working for a smaller start-up company is that individuals can feel like they’re truly contributing to its success and being given the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment where the sky’s the limit – so make sure to utilise this when sourcing staff.

Make work/life balance important in your start-up

Thankfully, many more businesses are realising that working their staff to the bone and being inflexible when it comes to home working is not the way to succeed in the modern world. Thanks to the cloud technology it is now easier to offer a flexible approach to an individual’s role – particularly appealing to anyone with a family. Larger companies can’t always offer this in the same way a smaller start-up can due to the volume of people, data-protection issues and old fashioned office structure.

New technology equals a fresh approach to business

Big organisations are often held back by legacy systems and hardware that is ingrained into the way things are done, and are therefore difficult and costly to change. A start-up is beginning from scratch so can choose the newest, freshest and most exciting technology to drive their business forward. This will be particularly appealing to young, tech savvy talent, who are potentially full of the ideas and the enthusiasm you need to move your business forward.

Freedom of expression – encourage your staff to share their ideas

A good entrepreneur wants to find new brains to take their idea and potentially make it even better, and this will be a big draw to creative, talented, imaginative thinkers. Make it clear that you are looking for people with an opinion and you’re fully prepared to let them realise their potential. Freedom of expression has massive appeal for anyone that wants to progress and use their skill set. This also goes back to the earlier point about work/life balance – if staff are over-worked or feel constricted then they are less likely to be passionate in work or inspired to be creative in general.

A fun and supportive working environment

All work and no play makes for a dull workforce – fun is key to creativity, and numerous studies have shown a happy team is not only more productive but also take more pride in their work. Try to build an environment that engenders good relationships between staff, provide a work space that is vibrant and appealing to be in, reward good work and create a team spirit and ‘culture.’ This is essential to attracting new recruits and also building loyalty to keep great talent within your business.

This guide was written by Bostjan Bregar, co-founder and CEO of structured cloud workspace The 4th Office

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