How BT Infinity Improved Performance at Arts Centre

From offering customers free Wi-Fi, to improving the quality of their cinema, we look at how BT Infinity helped Chapter Arts Centre

How BT Infinity Improved Performance at Arts Centre

About Chapter Arts Centre

Founded in 1971, the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff is now a major centre for contemporary arts in Europe, comprising of a gallery, 2 cinemas, a bar, a café and over 60 performance spaces.

Chapter hosts well over 1,000 events a year ranging from theatre and dance to art and animation taking place on the premises.

The Business Challenge

With a rapidly growing customer base the challenge was to provide an excellent service level so that visitors had more reason to stay, more reasons to return, and ultimately more reasons to spend.

The centre employs 150 staff and needs to ensure their employees work as productively as possible and have the necessary infrastructure to cope with the increasing number of customers through the door each week.

There is a daily need to share large files with colleagues, performers and customers alike, a solution was needed to improve on the existing 8Mb connection speed the team were experiencing.

With the growing expectation of customers for wi-fi to allow remote working, Chapter needed a solution that ticked all the boxes.

The Solution

The switch from the traditional non-BT copper line to three BT Fibre Broadband lines has helped transform the Chapter Arts Centre.

Fibre Line 1: allows up to 20 customers to have simultaneous secure wi-fi access in Chapters’s café
Fibre Line 2: means they can stream films and other content via the internet into the cinema without fear of disruption, jitter or lag
Fibre Line 3: is for back-office staff, tills and the box office. With download speeds of 40Mb and the capability to send emails of over 10Mb quickly, Chapter is now in a position to establish themselves as the leading light in live entertainment thanks to:

  • Fast and secure administration facilities
  • Instant file sharing to improve productivity
  • Free and secure wi-fi for customers so remote working from the café is a reality
  • HD quality video conferencing facilities to broaden their reach
  • Uninterrupted streaming of content over the web in the cinema, opening new opportunities for revenue streams.

Cost savings and new revenue streams

Chapter has estimated that they will save an estimated £1,000 a year in their back office simply by having switched to BT Fibre Broadband

As a result of having free unlimited wi-fi in the café, customers are staying longer and therefore spending more.

The centre can now also stream content over the internet, which opens opportunities for attracting new audiences. With the new Fibre Broadband line, live sports, films, shows and events can all be streamed thanks to the uninterrupted connectivity which means more opportunities for new audiences and revenue streams.

Find out more –  Watch the video Case Study at the BT Inifinty for Business website or call 0800 731 3349

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