Handling Grievance & Discipline Procedures

Preparing for a disciplinary hearing

Prepare carefully for a disciplinary hearing:

  • Carry out a full investigation. For more information see investigating disciplinary matters.
  • Make sure you have all relevant facts and documents (including details of any past disciplinary action taken against the worker) available for the hearing.
  • Arrange a suitable time, date and venue for the hearing.
  • Inform the worker in plenty of time so they can prepare their case and consult any representatives. Give them details of the complaint, the procedure to be followed, the need for them to attend a disciplinary hearing, their right to be accompanied at the hearing by a colleague or trade union official, their right to delay the hearing by up to five days if their chosen representative cannot attend and the text of any witness statements if heavy reliance is to be placed on them.
  • Inform any manager and witnesses who may need to attend.
  • Obtain witness statements from any witnesses unable to attend the hearing
  • Arrange for someone to take notes.
  • Arrange for another manager to attend the hearing to act as a witness to the proper conduct of the hearing.

If the worker is a trade union official, it is advisable to discuss the case with a full-time trade union officer or senior trade union representative.

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