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The people behind GrowthAcceleratorfind out more about what Growth Managers and business coaches do to help businesses just like yours fulfil their ambitions

GrowthAcceleratorGrowthAccelerator has a network of over 1,000 Growth Managers and coaches across the country. They work together to help businesses with high growth potential reach their aspirations. It’s an unrivalled network of business experience and inspiration enabling us to provide relevant and practical help personally tailored to a business’s needs.

Growth Managers work across the country finding businesses with the potential to grow. They’re established networkers, well known in their local business community and very knowledgeable about what businesses in their area are doing and achieving. They help businesses understand how GrowthAccelerator works and how it could help them. Often businesses are unsure about seeking external support; Growth Managers help them to overcome any reservations, showing them that there is a wealth of experience available to them that will help with their business development *.

Once a business has joined the service the Growth Manager who has guided them through this process, helps them do a full review of their business. This is achieved using a bespoke online assessment tool called GROWTHmapper, which identifies the business’s opportunities and challenges, allowing owners and managers to see the bigger picture.

Following the initial GROWTHmapper stage the Growth Manager will identify the best coach for that particular business. This may relate to the sector they’re in, involve particular challenges they have to overcome such as putting IP protection into place, or specialist knowledge of the coach – perhaps related to sales and marketing or even expanding internationally.

The coaches are all specialists in different areas with extensive business knowledge and expertise. They have proven track records in helping small and medium sized companies accelerate and sustain their growth, across every size of business, sector and region. Many of them have made the same journey as business owners themselves. They know when to talk, when to listen and how to help business owners bring their ideas to reality, transforming their business.

For many businesses who have already benefitted from the service having the outside opinion and support of their coach is key to helping them step away from the day-to-day running of their business. This enables them to focus on what they want the future to look like and to develop achievable and robust business growth * plans, so that their ambitions can become a reality.

Throughout the coaching a business and their coach meet regularly to look at setting goals and objectives, developing plans to reach the objectives, evaluating how things are going and to really make things happen. At every stage itn’s tailored to the needs of each individual business to ensure they are sped along the path of reaching their goals with exactly the right support they need. Ultimately the businesses goal is their goal and they offer support every step of the way.

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