Government Ramps Up Plans for £34bn ‘Midlands Engine’

Aside from London, the Midlands is the fastest growing region in the country - creating 279,000 new jobs since 2015

Government Ramps Up Plans for £34bn ‘Midlands Engine’

The government has ramped up its plans to create a ‘Midlands Engine’ by delivering 300,000 new jobs and generating an additional £34bn in the region by 2030.

Developed by in part with local stakeholders, the Midlands Engine Prospectus – which was officially launched in December 2015 by Sajid Javid – sets out the ambitions, opportunities and challenges for the region.

As part of their ongoing strategy, the government has appointed Sir John Peace the new chair of the Midlands Engine and he will be supported by a strategic supervisory group composed of representatives from local authorities, businesses, universities, and an executive.

Aside from the nation’s capital, the Midlands is the fastest growing area in the UK; creating 279,000 new jobs since the current government took office.

Sir John Peace commented: “The Midlands Engine is a compelling opportunity to better represent the Midlands region, attract significant new investment and create more jobs.

“A huge amount of work has already been done by stakeholders from both the private and public sectors with the aim of growing the wider Midlands economy, and as the newly appointed chairman I will do my best to make this very exciting vision become a reality.”

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