Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ Harms Small Businesses

Many UK small and medium enterprises experienced a drop in ranking as a result of Google’s algorithm changes, despite 22% ensuring their site was mobile-optimised

Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ Harms Small Businesses

Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ has caused confusion and concern amongst small and medium businesses as research by marketing group Koozai has revealed that 42% experienced a drop in ranking, some by as much as 50%.

The study, which comes as Google has announced that over 50% of its web searches occur on mobile devices, found that half (22%) of the small businesses that  had optimised their website had experienced a drop In ranking,.

Despite companies having been hit negatively the algorithm changes, 76% of the 1000 businesses surveyed said that the warnings that their website would “disappear completely” was over-hyped, confusing and incorrect.

Ben Norman, CEO of Koozai, provided comment:

“The survey also uncovered a worrying lack of understanding in the small and medium enterprise community of ecommerce analytics. Many consumers today will research on mobile than go onto purchase on desktop.

“Many small and medium enterprises are missing out on these lead creation opportunities if they don’t know if their e-commerce sites aren’t giving their potential customers a good experience on mobile.”

For advice on how to optimise your small business for mobile, have a look at’s six ways to make your website mobile-friendly.

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