Get Your Business Noticed With O2 Priority Moments

If you’re an independent business looking to attract new customers or entice your existing ones, then O2’s Priority Moments app could be the perfect tool.

Get Your Business Noticed With O2 Priority Moments

Recently made available to small businesses, Priority Moments is a loyalty app which gives O2 customers exclusive offers and experiences. It allows people to see the deals nearest to them, making it the perfect tool for promoting a local business. The best things in business are rarely free, but there’s always an anomaly and O2’s Priority Moments is it. Businesses can use it absolutely free to boost their custom.

The best things in business are rarely free, but there’s always an anomaly and O2’s Priority Moments is it. Businesses can use it absolutely free to boost their custom.

Priority Moments gives you access to thousands of local O2 customers who could be interested in your business. They view your offer, and others nearby, on the

They view your offer, and others nearby, on the location-based app on their phone.

If they choose your offer they’ll be given a code and map to help them find your business. It’s a remarkably effective way of increasing footfall.

But that’s not the only benefit, many businesses think of it as free advertising space which allows you spread awareness of what your business offers to relevant customers.

O2 have designed an easy use online portal where businesses can go to create, manage and promote their offers. Cleverly, the portal allows you to review the success of your offer in real time, adjusting it if necessary so that it works better for you. They’ve also made sure that if you decide you’d like to pause your offer or repeat it then you can do so whenever you fancy.

Getting Started with Priority Moments

There are five simple steps to getting started

  1. Visit
  2. Pick a template
  3. Tailor it to your business
  4. Submit and your offer will appear on Priority Moments
  5. Get noticed by loads of new customers

(We reckon number 5 sounds like the most fun!)

Case Studies; How Priority Moments Worked for Three Very Different Businesses

To find out more about how Priority Moments works in practice we caught up with some of the independent businesses who have tried using the app. All of them saw an uplift in business and we were interested to discover the different ways they each approached using the service. If you had any doubts about the versatility of Priority Moments their testimonies should convince you that it performs well for widely different businesses.

Euphorium bakery is a business well known and loved for its tasty baked goods. But the team wanted to persuade customers to take advantage of their whole offering. They used Priority Moments to offer a free tea or coffee when customers bought a cake. Manager Marcela Bortoli said:

“Being able to target people in our local area, and remind them that there’s more to what we offer than just bread was really important to us”

Minka Shah partner at florist Rosaline Owen also saw great results. They were thrilled at the chance to market their long established business using the latest technology and they made the most of the flexibility of the service.

“This is a great way for small businesses to target new customers. There are no upfront costs and the effectiveness can be measured to tailor future promotions.”

Meanwhile in the clothing sector, Andrea Cohen a Fashion designer and owner of the boutique Number 35 jumped at the chance to raise awareness of the brand by advertising for free to thousands of O2 customers.

“Working with O2 Priority Moments is a great opportunity to attract a larger audience; we’ve reached loads more people than we’d be able to do by ourselves.”

Creating the Perfect Offer

One of the reasons that Priority Moments works well for a variety of different businesses is that it lets you really tailor your offer – you can choose what you want to offer, how many units you’d like to include and how long the offer should run for. Here are some examples of the kinds of offers you can use to get your business noticed.


Choose from popular combinations like Buy One Get One Free or 3 for 2.

Percentage discount

The straight-up % discount. Choose how much to take off, and what’s included in the deal.

Come back soon

Encourage customers to come back or bring their friends with a money-off voucher for future visits

Free delivery

Great for customers wanting to send gifts, get in the groceries, or have a special treat delivered at home.

Try for free

Get customers to try something new by giving away a free gift, product or service with a purchase.

Money off

Customers spend more when there’s an incentive for them to do so. Set them a target and give them money off when they reach it, such as Spend £50, get £5 off.

Why So Many Customers Use Priority Moments

It’s obvious why businesses are flocking to Priority Moments but don’t forget it’s a really appealing proposition for customers too. They get the convenience of local offers, a chance to save money on treats, offers and experiences and a service they can trust to bring them great deals.

Don’t miss out. It’s time to find out what Priority Moments will do for your business.

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Article published in association with O2

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