Fire Safety Regulations Guide

Evaluate the Risk of a Fire Occurring

The chances of a fire starting will be low if your premises has few ignition sources and if combustible materials are kept away from them.

In general, fires start in one of three ways:

  • accidentally, such as when smoking materials are not properly extinguished or when lighting displays are knocked over;
  • by act or omission, such as when electrical equipment is not properly maintained, or when waste packaging is allowed to accumulate near to a heat source, or by storing LPG next to an electric fire or other source of heat; or
  • deliberately, such as an arson attack involving setting fire to external rubbish bins placed too close to the building.

Look critically at your premises and try to identify any accidents waiting to happen and any acts or omissions which might allow a fire to start. You should also look for any situation that may present an opportunity for an arsonist.

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