Fire Safety Regulations Guide

Step 2. Identify People at Risk

As part of your fire risk assessment, you need to identify those at risk if there is a fire. To do this you need to identify where you have people working, either at permanent locations (such as workstations) or at occasional locations around the premises, and to consider who else may be at risk, such as customers, visiting contractors, etc., and where these people are likely to be found.

You must consider all the people who use the premises, but you should pay particular attention to people who may be especially at risk such as:

  • employees who work alone, e.g. cleaners, security staff;
  • people who are in isolated areas, e.g. maintenance staff, staff on cranes, reach trucks and cat walks;
  • unaccompanied children and young persons;
  • people who are unfamiliar with the premises, e.g. seasonal workers, contractors, visitors and customers;
  • people with disabilities* or those who may have some other reason for not being able to leave the premises quickly;
  • people with language difficulties; and
  • other people in the immediate vicinity of the premises.

In evaluating the risk to people with disabilities you may need to discuss their individual needs with them. In larger premises used extensively for the public you may need to seek professional advice.


  • Have you identified who is at risk?
  • Have you identified why they are at risk?
  • Have you made a note of your findings?
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