F-commerce: How to Grow Sales with a Facebook Store

Discover how to extend your small business reach by selling directly to Facebook’s 1.23 billion users

F-commerce: How to Grow Sales with a Facebook Store

With 1.23 billion users at the time of writing, Facebook is probably already part of your online business presence. Indeed, according to Facebook for Business over 30 million businesses already have active pages.

But have you considered further enhancing your presence by creating a shop using a Facebook store app?

The benefits of opening a Facebook store

There are a range of benefits to opening your own store:

  • Grow sales with an additional sales platform. It’s all about customer choice. The more sales channels you have available, the higher the likelihood you’ll be able to provide customers with the sales platform that best suits them, be it through their desktop, mobile device or over the phone.
  • Sell direct to Facebook customers. Chances are a significant proportion of your customers are Facebook users. According to Facebook for Business, in the US and Canada alone approximately 70% of active users are connected to a local business on Facebook. A Facebook store will enable you to tap into this opportunity and sell direct.
  • Improve conversion rates. If a customer likes a product on your Facebook page then don’t risk losing the sale by sending them elsewhere to make the purchase. A Facebook store will increase your conversion rate by allowing your Facebook customers to purchase on the spot.
  • Grow social sharing. “Nielson reports that consumers trust word of mouth marketing from friends and family far more than any other form,” according to Facebook for Business. Customers can quickly and easily share your product links with friends and family using a Facebook store app that has ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons built-in.
  • Cost effective and easy to set up. If you are new to selling then opening a Facebook shop with a Facebook store app is a simple, fast, cost-effective way to test selling your products online without having to build a dedicated website.

Finding the right Facebook store app

If you decide that launching a Facebook store is right for your small business, it’s important that you research the different app options to ensure you choose the right app for your company.

Look out for apps that offer:

  • Easy integration. Do your research and look for a Facebook store app that offers you simple, secure and cost-effective integration. There are free Facebook store apps out there you can install in a matter of minutes with a few clicks, so if you’re not sure of the benefits this is a great way to get started.
  • Consistent branding. Keep your brand consistent by choosing a store app that will enable you to customise the design of your Facebook shop to mirror your website’s online store design.
  • Centralised store admin. You don’t want to create work for yourself by having multiple e-commerce solutions to manage your website shop and a separate Facebook store. It would mean duplicating product information and stock level management across both platforms, which will be a real pain. Instead, use e-commerce software for your website that also offers a Facebook store app so you benefit from centralised order management and store administration across both sales channels.

Promoting your Facebook store

Finally, once you’ve taken the plunge and launched a Facebook store, you need to let your customers know.

  • Tell your existing customers. Having a great Facebook store is a good start, but you’ll need to tell your existing customers that it’s out there via a mail shot and by adding the URL to your email signature.
  • Consider Facebook ads. Attract new customers using Facebook’s built-in advertising tools. Facebook ads have an easy-to-use budgeting tool so it won’t cost you more than you’re willing to spend.

It’s so easy to tap into customers via f-commerce that there really is no reason not to open your Facebook store today.

This article was written by Simon Horton, the founder of ShopIntegrator, a hosted shopping cart e-commerce plugin business

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