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EWGA LtdEstablished in 1972, EWGA Ltd import wine from all over the world. They distribute to hotels, restaurants and the general public. They also manage wine lists for a number of prestigious hotels, helping their customers gain a healthy margin on wine sales whilst providing good value for their customers.

“The company began as a one man operation, dealing primarily with only a few German and French wines. It has grown substantially over the years with turnover increasing year on year. In 2003, we bought our own farm which we are currently turning into a purpose built warehouse with the North West’s only wet-goods bonded storage and staff relaxation areas. We are constantly visiting regions from which we can source new wine, and over the years have built relationships with many wine makers. We have also opened two retail outlets in the last three years, one of which is about to be expanded to house a fine food section,”

explains Deryn Moeckell, Director.

EWGA have been using Sage products since 1989. Deryn says,

“Sage was still quite new to the marketplace when we were looking to purchase an accounting package. We had heard excellent reports and so decided to purchase Sage. It was, and still is, a fantastic programme and it did everything we required it to. As we grew, Sage grew and with each new version of the product things got better and better. It is a very user friendly system.”

EWGA use Sage Line 50 to manage all of their accounting activities. Deryn explains,

“I use Line 50 to monitor everything from stock levels and margins to debtors and commission rates. I find the most useful feature to be the report generator, and I use it constantly. It is now so easy to run and present a report, an ability which is useful and necessary to stay one step ahead within the marketplace. And as we have an ever increasing number of staff, Sage Payroll eases the burden of reporting PAYE and NI issues.”

“We have subscribed to SageCover now for a number of years. The support team is fantastic and I trust them completely. Things I have never done before become simple and easy with the help of SageCover support,” says Deryn.

EWGA Ltd will continue to expand over the next few years, with the introduction of their purpose built warehouse, bond and many other projects, as well as increasing their offering to their customers.

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