Easynet Connect Fibre

Easynet Connect Fibre

New for 2010!

A new 100Mbps fibre Internet access service for a fixed rate price of £15k a year within the M25 – high speed, reliable and affordable

What is it?

Easynet Connect Fibre is an uncontended, reliable and competitive Internet access service offering fast speeds of 100Mb. Unlike traditional leased lines, Easynet Connect Fibre is fixed at an annual price of £15k a year, plus £5k set up fee** and is backed up with 99.9% availability, and a guaranteed fix time through our 24×7 UK based customer support.

Where is it available?

Initially Easynet Connect Fibre is available at this price to business customers within the M25. If your business is outside of this area please do register your interest or call our sales team for more options.

Why Fibre?

We know what businesses need from their Internet connection; speed and reliability. Fibre is the answer to high performance in both these areas. Fibre, or “Fibre-Optic Communications”, harnesses the fastest thing known to man; light. High-tech equipment transmits data via pulses of light beamed through tiny optical fibres, similar in appearance to strands of glass. As the signal can travel for long distances without weakening or being distorted this is also perfect for reliability.

Why do I need Fibre?

As businesses become increasingly reliant on the Internet so this demand for ever-increasing speeds and a reliable service intensifies. It makes sense to prepare your business for the future, particularly if you’re moving to cloud computing and need a highly reliable internet connection.

Why do business with us?

Owned by BSkyB and in business since 1994, we are one of the largest UK networks, with 6,030 km of fibre and last mile access to more than 70% of businesses in the UK. In 2001 we were the first provider in the UK to provide DSL services over an unbundled local loop and have pioneered managed LLU services for business.


  • Fixed rate price of £15k a year within M25. Call for other options.
  • High speed fibre-optic internet connectivity
  • 40 working day installation*, £5k set up fee**
  • 0% packet loss
  • World-class customer service and guaranteed fix times
  • 99.9% availability with back options
  • 24×7 UK based network monitoring and customer support
  • Free SMS and email notification of network outage
  • DSL back-up options

Technical Specification

Easynet Connect’s Fibre Service offers a high speed reliable Internet connection with zero contention at a guaranteed speed of 100Mb, backed up with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24×7 UK based customer support.

Price Fixed rate £15k a year, £5k set up fee**

Download speed 100Mb guaranteed

Upload speed 100Mb guaranteed

Service Level

  • 24×7 UK based network monitoring & customer support
  • 99.9% availability
  • Guaranteed fix time

Installation time 40 working days installation*

Back-up options ADSL 2Mb or 8Mb; SDSL 1Mb or 2Mb

CPE Cisco

Reporting Free SMS and email alerts giving regular capacity and connection stats & notification of network outage

Available in Within the M25

*subject to survey
*** In some instances there may be additional installation fees where mandatory wayleaves or non standard construction is required. These will be notified to customers in advance.

For more information visit www.easynetconnect.net

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